Companionship v Loneliness

Elderly Lady With Lifestyle Companion In Home Smiling


The ‘Campaign to End Loneliness’  believes that people of all ages need connections that matter. Research identifies there are approximately nine million lonely people in the UK and four million of these are elderly. Many older people find the constant loneliness the hardest to overcome with lack of friendship and support. The Lifestyle Companion supports with social inclusion and activities so the Client maintains their meaningful relationships within the community, leading to a better quality of life.

Live in Care vs Loneliness

By its very nature, live in care combats loneliness simply by having someone in the home to speak to, share meals and share day to day life with. McDonald Homecare introduces Lifestyle Companions who provide this connection for older people in the community; helping to end personal isolation and loneliness through care and companionship.

Health & Wellbeing

Loneliness contributes to many different illnesses and health conditions; dehydration, poor nutrition, falls, infections, hospitalisation and ultimately poor quality of life. Loneliness can also affect those living with Dementia due to the lack of brain stimulation and emotional contact. Having a Lifestyle Companion enables the Client to remain independent and safe in their own home while reducing poor health and hospital admissions.

Family Relationships 

Stress and guilt can often affect family members and friends who are just not able to support a loved one on a full time basis and for long periods of time. The family unit is often separated geographically which can lead to isolation and loneliness for elderly loved ones. The Lifestyle Companion is with the Client as a trusted member of the home to end personal loneliness while supporting their family, friends and neighbours to continue normal relationships without the sense of obligation.

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