Homecare Costs in the UK

Lifestyle Companions at Home


Homecare costs in the UK have evolved over the years as people are becoming more aware of their options.  Previous mind sets from consumers that residential care is the only option once a person becomes to frail to stay living in their own home has been challenged with an overwhelming shift to care at home.

Continual and varied research provides a wealth of evidence that older people prefer to receive care in their own homes.  People understand that they live a better quality of life at home due to familiarity and safety. In addition, those living with dementia find any environmental change extremely challenging.  Being able to stay in their own home with care and support is a vital part of their care journey.


There is a massive shift within local authority and NHS funding organisations to provide care packages within the persons home.  The amount of staffing and financial resources being used with the NHS system has prompted a greater openness to care in the home.  This can be more effective for homecare costs in the UK and people respond better to care when delivered at home.  
Ending loneliness through care and companionship


There are a few different care options available to people who are struggling to cope at home.  A person or couple can arrange a package of care where they have carers coming in specific times of the day, evening and through the night.  This could be to help with personal care, meal preparation, medication, domestic support, shopping or simply companionship. 

One of the biggest growth areas within the UK care sector is live in care.  Individuals or couples can have a carer live with them to provide daily support and nightly reassurance.

Live in care services are fundamentally different from residential or nursing homes.  Loved ones receive one to one care and companionship in their own home and this cannot be replicated.  In addition, the health benefits your loved one receives from having someone to talk and share life with is unrivalled.


McDonald Homecare provides a more simplistic and cost effective model of live in care, supporting homecare costs in the UK.  

The clients have a direct relationship with the live in carer and pay their salary directly.  Through this model, the client understands exactly what their carers are being paid and can reward them accordingly.

Your loved ones need the flexibility within their routines and changing health needs to live a healthy life at home. 

McDonald Homecare provides Lifestyle Companions that give one to one care with attention to detail and dignity.  Therefore your loved ones receive the best possible care through companionship & friendship.

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