Elderly Couple At Home In GardenIndependence and Friendship through a Lifestyle CompanionPetersfield MarketKeeping Couples Together at HomeThe Lifestyle You Choose at HomeElderly Man walking with Dog and Lifestyle CompanionElderly Couple Veg Patch With Lifestyle CompanionEnding Loneliness Through Care and CompanionshipCare & Companionship throughout the South DownsEnjoying life in the home you love
Elderly Couple In Garden Having a Cup of Tea with Lifestyle CompanionElderly Gentleman With Dog And Lifestyle CompanionPetersfield MarketKeeping Couples TogetherThe lifestyle you choose with the people you loveElderly Man walking with Dog and Lifestyle CompanionElderly Couple Veg Patch With Lifestyle CompanionEnding loneliness through care and companionshipCare & Companionship throughout the South DownsEnjoying life in the home you love

McDonald Homecare specialises in elderly care, providing people with the preferred lifestyle choice of staying in their own home while receiving care and companionship from our professional care team. 

We are an introductory care agency who introduce our registered Lifestyle Companions to the Clients directly.  This enables both the Client and Lifestyle Companion to build a trusted partnership to manage the care that is required.  The introductory service therefore minimises the administrative procedures and costs, enabling a simple and easy to navigate process for all those involved.

As a company, we are passionate about people and all those involved in the life of our Clients.  Our Lifestyle Companions provide caring and professional support that reflect the great British family values.  Clients who choose McDonald Homecare choose quality recruitment, compliance and introductory services that are founded upon our four core values:

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Lifestyle Companions who are recruited to the highest standards and have the character to be trusted to live and care for people in their own homes;


Lifestyle Companions who have the qualities of honesty and strong moral principles to be responsible for those who are vulnerable in the community;


Lifestyle Companions who have the best interests of the person at the heart of their care services and provide the utmost respect throughout the relationship;


Lifestyle Companions who are able to promote independence through their caring and nurturing nature. Everything else can be trained and developed.

At McDonald Homecare, we strongly believe that the values of the Lifestyle Companions cannot be trained and these values are inherent in the people we select and register.

We recruit and introduce the Lifestyle Companions who have these values so the Client, family and any other representatives then contract the Lifestyle Companion to provide the specific and ongoing care needs.

Unlike other care agencies, we only charge an introductory fee for each successfully matched Lifestyle Companion.   Once this fee is paid, the only cost for the Client is the Lifestyle Companions salary.  This enables the Clients ongoing care costs to be reduced by 30% compared to other live in care companies.


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McDonald Homecare provides live-in care services in the following areas: Petersfield, Farham, Alton, Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere. Steep, Churt, Privett, West Tisted, West Meon, Warnford, South Harting, Chalton, Emsworth, Waterlooville. Clanfield, Hambledon, Droxford, East Meon, Petworth, Fernhurst, Milford, Godalming, Winchester, Havant.